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FAQs - Election Awaaz

(1) Where is Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. located?
Ans: Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. is located in a conveniently accessible location B-44, Old DLF Colony, Sect. 14, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, INDIA.

(2) Who is the Head of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd.?
Ans: This is a registered Company under the Companies Act 1956 managed by the Board of Directors headed by Mr. J.P. Singh and operations headed by Mr. Kabir Sahni.

(3) What is Election Awaaz ?
Ans. Election Awaaz is the election services division of Awaaz India Media(P) Ltd. India’s first ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing technical solutions for election process.

(4) What are the services provided by Election Awaaz?
Ans: Company provides on demand campaign & electioneering services to the candidates & political parties and include Campaign Material Services, Campaign Logistic Services, and Campaign R&D Services & Consultancy Services. Campaign Material Services include banners, posters, badges & all types of publicity materials. Campaign Logistic Services include posturing, bannering, arrangements of vehicle, meetings etc. Campaign R&D Services include election related surveys etc. Consultancy Services include legal opinion on Election Laws & Model Code of Conduct Representation of people’s act, 1951.

(5) Is Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. a certified Company?
Ans: Yes. It is a Certified Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and is duly registered with relevant departments of Govt. of India. Further it is India's first ISO 9001: 2008 certified company in providing technical solutions for elections process.

(6) Does Election Awaaz work for all political parties?
Ans: YES, Election Awaaz is a Non-Partition Company.

(7) How can I get your services?
Ans: To avail services of the company log on to or contact at 98181-05555, 0124-2336655, 0124-2306655, 0124-4112452 or e-mail at

(8) What are your strategic programs for candidates & political parties?
Ans: Company does not set out any strategic programs for candidates or political parties. It only provides technology & expertise to carry out the strategies of the candidates & political parties. The Company assists, advise and make available the technological inputs needed for creating a WINNING campaign.

(9) How do you provide a candidate or political party with WINNING campaign?
Ans: At Election Awaaz we provide the relevant campaign services created and executed with latest technology to the contestant so that his/her campaign is properly designed & executed QUALITATIVELY to establish a 'Contrast' vis-a-vis his rival's campaign. A Better campaign would definitely result in Better Winning chances.

(10) Whether your company protects users information?
Ans: Yes, company protects users information. If the contestant so desires we can even sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to observe complete confidentiality of services provided.

(11) Whether your company provides cost effective services?
Ans: Yes, the services are very cost effective as it is a planned/focused and properly executed effort by experts in the field. The wastage or surplus rate of the campaign related materials is brought down considerably. Utilizing services of Election Awaaz in real terms saves you in the expenditure cost of your campaign. Survey figures indicate that on an average 72% of election campaign material is wasted and does not infact give the candidate the desired impact. The agency commission of Election Awaaz is only 18%. Thus saving a huge sum involved in wasteful expenditure which is thus saved by taking the RIGHT decision i.e. by hiring the services of Election Awaaz, thus also curbing the menace of using materials, some of which are harmful and some, are not eco-friendly. To the candidate every single rupee saved during campaigning is important as it is part of his overall expenditure, and is under surveillance under the Model Code of Conduct. In addition Election Awaaz uses the latest devices, tools and methods of electioneering which itself are more impacting/cost effective and easily usable and give more mileage to the candidate.

(12) What type of professional expertise your company is providing for campaign & electioneering services?
Ans: Company has a team of experienced, brand savvy people including event managers, conceptualizes, art directors, designers, legal consultants, media/PR experts, copywriters, operation experts etc. who work as a team to create for the contestant a WINNING campaign using latest methods and processes.

(13) Whether your services are pre ticket or post ticket services?
Ans: Company provides both Pre- ticket & Post ticket services to the candidates. We look after the campaign related services of candidates/political parties from the point the idea to contest election has come to the mind of candidates. After the elections or inpreperation of next elections. Election Awaaz also provides Constituency Nurturing service in image correction and public opinion generation services.

(14) What are the campaign services your company provides?
Ans: Election Awaaz provides Campaign Material Services, Campaign Logistic Services, Campaign R&D Services & Consultancy Services. Campaign Material Services include banners, posters, badges & all types of publicity materials. Campaign Logistic Services include postering, bannering, arrangements of vehicle, meetings etc. Campaign R&D Services include election related surveys etc. Consultancy services include legal opinion on Election Laws, Model Code Conduct and Representation of People Act.

(15) What are the other services apart from campaign & election services your company provide?
Ans: The company also provides specialized event management ,crisis management PR and designs services & its parent company has a portal hosted for Indian News and information that informs about the latest in bureaucratic, political and judicial circles to ‘enlightened netizens’ i.e. news of the people who matters in India.

(16) How can I rely on your company for my election campaign?
Ans: Services of company is fully accountable to the candidates & political parties for all services rendered. A request based non-disclosure agreement can also be signed if it is so desired by the contestant.

(17) What is the proof that your company lay before the candidates or political parties for campaign services provided by you?
Ans: Company will record the campaign process in video camera, digital /still camera & produce the same before the client when asked for, if the candidate so desires, pertaining to the services offered before the settlement of bill.

(18) What is the operational area of your company?
Ans: Although we are based in Delhi, we plan to expand, starting from North & Central India and furthering it to other parts of the country with like minded business associates.

(19) Does your company provide campaign & electioneering services for all types of elections?
Ans: Yes, company provides campaign & election services for all types of elections be it for public or private offices.

(20) Does your company use latest technology & design for campaign & election services?
Ans: Yes, Company uses latest technology & designs as well as expertise equipments and processes for campaign & electioneering services as times have changed and there is availability of latest materials and methods for getting noticed.

(21) Shall I have to go through legal formalities In order to avail services of your company?
Ans: Yes, there are some legal formalities to be complied by the client before availing services of the company as per the law of the land and these are not cumbersome or difficult to observe.

(22) What are types of information to be conveyed to your company to avail campaign & election related services by a candidate & political parties?
Ans: Immediately on getting the nod our client servicing and operation team account in charge will get in touch with you to plan ahead as per the services desired by you.

(23) Does your company help candidates/ political parties to form strategy?
Ans: No, Company does not help candidates/political parties to form strategy. Company only helps the candidates/political parties to carry out their campaign strategies effectively by using technology & expertise.

(24) Does Election Awaaz maintain database for candidates & political parties?
Ans: Yes, and in addition to this lot of information and services are available through our sister concern to aid the process of dissemination of information.

(25) What are your business principles?
Ans: To be the leader in providing non partisan solutions for campaign & electioneering services that effectively utilizes technology & business know-how to enable candidates, political parties to generate enhanced gains in awareness & votes.

(26) How can I Lead my campaign communication from quantity to quality?
Ans: You can lead your campaign communication from quantity to quality by proper targeting your time & money and of course by taking the RIGHT decision of engaging Election Awaaz.

(27) Can Election Awaaz condense my campaign communication efforts to maximize their impact?
Ans: Yes, Election Awaaz helps to condense your campaign communication to maximize their impact by utilizing modern campaign technique, technology& know how.

(28) What type of security Election Awaaz is providing to safeguard the information of the clients?
Ans: Election Awaaz provides the highest forms of security to protect information, content & data and will disclose to clients where information is stored, collected & managed.

(29) What are benefits I will derive if I choose Election Awaaz for my campaign?
Ans: Following benefits you will be deriving if you choose Election Awaaz for your campaign:
(a) You can expand your reach
(b) You can attract more voters
(c) You can measure your results
(d) You can target the voters easily by using right technical know- how & professional expertise
(e) You can save on your time and money.

It’s been said that 72% of everything a campaign does is wasted. The key to winning, therefore, is to make sure you don’t waste the 28% you need to win your election. That’s why stratetgy and targeting play such an important role in successful campaigns.

By developing a sound strategy early in your campaign, it will be easy exactly what you must do to win. Frankly, without starting your campaign with a solid strategy, you won’t know if any decision you make is the right decision. With a strategy in place, however, your key decisions will be much, much easier to make.

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