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Constituency Management and Nurturing Software

Constituency Management and Nurturing Software:

This system has 3 major components namely,

  • Constituency Management System
  • Party Cadre Management System
  • Mobile Apps for Field Workers and for Candidates.

Constituency Management System

This contains voter related demographic details like Name, Age, family related data. The system generates following reports:

  • Booth wise updated and latest Voter list of by Name, of your area.
  • Booth wise age wise list of voters of your area.
  • Booth wise Gender wise list of voters of your area.
  • Booth wise gender wise head of the family with nos. of voters per family of your area.
  • Booth wise complete address with voter ID card no. of voters of your area.
  • Booth wise list of Influencers who influences voters in your area with name, address, occupation and mobile no.
  • Booth wise analysis of last three election of which booth voted for which Party in terms of % party/candidate wise data. This will help in understanding the SWOT analysis of given area.
  • Booth wise list of First time voters in the given area.
  • Booth wise list of voters in age group of 18-25, 26-35, 36-50, 51-60 and 60 Plus data.
  • Duplicate Voter Card report list.
  • Opposition candidate profile, History and complete SWOT analysis with past news articles of all weaknesses.
  • Detailed profile of party candidate with SWOT analysis and do’s and don’ts.

Party Cadre Management System

  • Software has provision to upload data on all party workers in given area.
  • Software has mobile application to send and receive messages from all party workers.
  • Software gives detail analysis of all past good work done by you in your area.
  • Whatever services given by you/whichever voter met in the past, Whatever services/help given to any voter in the past by you can be updated against the booth wise voter list so that when you visits a particular ward/booth and meet voters you know while meeting what to talk with a particular voter.
  • Complete complain and feedback entry from voters and assign them to concerned dept./person/authority and Once complain resolved provision to update system.
  • Provision to rank Party workers.
  • Provision to upload bulk data.
  • Provision to send individual or bulk SMS to party workers.
  • Provision to assign task to party workers via e mail/SMS and take report back on completion of assigned task and update system.
  • Mobile nos. of voters can also be given. Data with mobile nos. of voters of an area can be loaded in the system.
  • This feature allows you to send bulk sms to voters through the software at the touch of a button. We will give you and your Team a separate SMS gateway through which bulk SMS can be configured and sent to voters at a touch of button.

Mobile Apps for Field Data Capture

  • We provide a mobile app for party workers. This helps them in sending field level information to the central server.
Mobile Apps for Candidate

Candidate is provided with a Mobile App that connects to the central server and provides reports on field related activities

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