Pioneers in Micro Management & Social Media (Image Enhancement) Pre Election and Post Election Services
Benefits of Utilizing Election Awaaz Services
  • All elections information pertaining to your constituency in context to the coming elections. This information will be based of Geographical, demographical, cultural and cast factors. Also delimitation information will be incorporated. You can view all the information in our user friendly tool by a single click.
  • SWOT analysis by identifying the areas where you are weak where you are strong and where you need to concentrate more and what you need to come over weakness. Our Team will provide you consultancy in this regard from our Think Tank.
  • Party voting percentages versus literates or illiterates percentages etc booth wise.
  • Our survey provides you report on independent candidates information who has got more votes in municipal or other elections.
  • Get the complete picture of geographical relationships (Panchayats for each Mandal / Tehsil, Hamlets for each Panchayats etc).
  • Complete cross voting information up to village level. ( How many booths in each Panchayat, what is party performance in any panchayat or booth or Mandal etc).
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